UNSEEN FAITH delivers dark and brutal deathcore in an atmospheric universe, and they’re now ready with their second full-length EVOKE – a power demonstration for deathcore enthusiasts world wide.

The compositions on this full length move from neck breaking breakdowns to exalted musical breathing halts, where everything is allowed to stand completely still for a moment, before the earth, once again, shakes beneath our feet.

“Evoke is a call for a revolution in our mind and attitude towards ourselves and other people. It’s about time we break free of the mountain of high expectations we have to ourselves and break free from the inner voices that drag us down and make us selfish and lonely. We all have a responsibility not to contribute to a cultural self-understanding that it’s all about appearing as successful as possible. All songs on’ Evoke’ are full of honest realizations and rallying cries for a better world and a better life”, vocalist Alexander Eriksen explains.

Alexander Eriksen / Lead Vocals
Jakob Langvad / Rhythm Guitars
Mads Risbjerg / Lead Guitar
Christian Jensen / Bass, Backing Vocals
Klaus Schmidt / Drums